Handloom Sarees for this Ganesha Chaturthi Festival

Handloom Sarees for this Ganesha Chaturthi Festival

by Shatika, August 24, 2017

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most awaited festivals in India. Everyone wants to adorn themselves with traditional drapes and waits to adorn their households with idols of the elehant god and partake in the festivities.

Over the years, there has been an increase in people adopting eco-friendly ways to celebrate the festival. Big plaster of paris idols have given way to small handmade eco-friendly clay models. Realizing the damaging effect that immersion of humongous plaster of paris idols in oceans, lakes and ponds have on environment and the whole ecosystem is encouraging more and more people to go green and make their own clay idols that can at the end of 10days, be immersed in just a bucket of water.

Going a step forward from clay idols this year are the seed and plant Ganesha idols that have become extremely popular this season. These idols made with clay are not only eco-friendly but also help grow more plants. The noble thought behind planting a Ganesha instead of immersing him is that even after the festival is gone, the lord of prosperity and happiness continues to be with you forever in the form of a plant!

There are workshops run all over the country for this. The intent behind these workshops is three-fold. The first and the most obvious one is to give back to nature with these idols. The second is to teach the current generation to grow their own food. The third and the most important one is to revive the old practice of making one’s own Ganesha idol, which is what the traditional practice has been.

Taking cue from going traditional in making our own Ganesha idols, one is also looking at going back to the roots of tradition in one’s drape. And for this reason, more and more people are encouraged to wear traditional handwoven weaves. Made from natural fibres and with use of organic natural dyes, the handloom sarees are not only eco-friendly but they also encourage the age old craft that is the very identity of our culture. Shouting elegance, exclusivity, and creativity, handwoven sarees make the fabric of a tradition rich society. Shatika which is an ardent believer of culture and tradition has a plethora of exclusive online handloom sarees from all parts of the country for you to choose from this Ganesh Chaturthi. You can also decide to pick from a range of green sarees at display to show your support to ‘go green’ loud and clear!

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