Indian Bridal Sarees – How they are Gaining Popularity Around the World

by Shatika, April 12, 2017

As Indian weddings, their fanfare and the celebrations attached with them are becoming more and more popular all over the world, the various fun ceremonies and most of all the wedding clothes, especially the Bridal sarees are becoming increasingly popular and are more and more in demand.

Their versatility, their creativity, their opulence and ability to showcase skill and talent without the limitations of stitches and cuts, makes these wedding sarees one of the most gorgeous looking garments on earth that in itself are self-sufficient to make the bride stand out in the crowd and feel special on her D- Day.

Irrespective of size and shape, a woman is made to look absolutely stunning in this six-yard drape that she wraps around herself. Their boundless creativity is what is enticing the world’s best designers to craft Bridal sarees for the would-be brides who are more open to experiment.

Laden in heavy brocade or sequins, stones, beads or kundans, use of lace, net and tissue, heavy thread and real zari embroidery or even painting and printing, sky is the limit to the possibilities in which these designer wedding sarees can presented.

A collection of these wedding sarees may be crafted in different kinds of fabrics like silk, net, crepe, georgette, tissue and most often than not, a combination of them. Put together, they make for some of the finest and most stunning outfits in the world.

Colors also play a major role in making these sarees so popular across the world. Rich hues of red, blue, purple, burgundy, yellow, green and many shades of it make these wedding sarees from India so attractive and desirable.

It is no wonder then that would-be brides across the globe are falling more and more for this Indian outfit and embracing it as theirs!

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