Khadi Silk Sarees – A Trail Blazer of Fashion

by Shatika, March 28, 2017

Introduction to Khadi Silk Sarees:

A versatile fabric that feels cool in summer and warm in winter, Khadi also known as khaddar has a rich history as a hand woven textile. Spun on the quintessential spinning wheel that had once taken the country by storm during the independence movement, Khadi sarees are still capable of spinning magicUnmistakably grainy texture and downy softness with a glint of sheen, these Khadi Silk Sarees are distinct and stand out among other handloom sarees.

Features of handloom Khadi Silk Sarees:

Ruffled, textured and wavy, the charm of handloom khadi silk saree lies in its unique texture and silken shine. Khadi Silk sarees are featured uniquely in more than one ways. To begin with, they show resistance to shrinking which means unlike cotton sarees, they do not shrink with multiple washes and not just that, these Khadi sarees do not fade away with every wash like other fabrics do, instead they acquire a unique shine with every wash! Some other qualities like their impeccable finish, their colour fastness and their quality to fine blend make these khadi sarees desirable among the makers as well as its wearers. Khadi sarees are especially preferred because of the comfort factor they provide. Their exemplary quality to breathe along with the feature to follow the contour of the wearer’s body after couple of washes make them enviable and the most sought after. Their ultimate feature of keeping warm in winter and cool in summer is a definite turn on.

Current Trends of Khadi Sarees:

A modern adaptation Khadi, the current trends of Khadi sarees are truly marvelous. Created in a wide range, there are many variations to the traditional khadi silk. These trendy Khadi silk sarees come in many variations with thread work embroidery in enchanting colors, kundans and sequins or zari border and patch work embellish make a stylish offering that are most suited for special occasions and parties. A preferred corporate wear, the office goers prefer to buy printed khadi sarees since they are high on fashion and low on maintenance. Grand traditional occasions like festivals, weddings and family get-togethers call for designer Khadi silk sarees with embroidered booties and heavy zari borders. Simple geometric patterns like stripes and checks in enchanting colors are well suited for all kinds of occasions big and small.

While Khadi has retained its traditional production method, it has come a long way from a humble, homely fabric to a style statement today. In today’s fashion world, Khadi silk saree is a preferred wear for its perfect looks, ease of wear and undeniable comfort and is loved for being ultra-chic and global in its appeal.

Trendy Shatika Khadi Silk Sarees:

Keeping abreast with the current trends, Khadi silk sarees online shopping at Shatika is not simply experiencing latest trends but being a trail blazer of fashion. A repertoire of newfangled colors and patterns, the Khadi silk sarees online at Shatika are authentic and 100% genuine. Trust Shatika to go that extra mile to give you the best of comfort with the latest of fashion without compromising on quality and ingenuity.

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