The Soft and Smooth Satin Silk Sarees

by Shatika, January 11, 2017

A lustrous, glossy and smooth fabric that has since a long time been at the center stage of all wedding and royal attires and furnishings, Satin is a popular weave that has been around since the 12th century and has made its presence felt since then in many forms from ties to coats, jacket linings to ballet shoes and home furnishing to sarees. While the satin used in furnishings and other accessories are made with fabrics like cotton, silk-cotton, polyester, nylon, crepe and georgette, satin sarees are made mainly with silk fabric and are called silk satin sarees.


The Satin silk sarees have an even sheen and they are quite luxurious in touch and feel. While their arresting luster itself makes them a perfect occasion wear, the resilience of satin silk ensures feasibility and scope for elaborate embellishments and embroideries making it a designer’s favorite too since it allows them to design heavy designer satin silk sarees along with heavy embroidered satin silk blouses, cholis and corsets.


While its distinct soft feel and luster is the USP of a satin silk saree, there are many other reasons that engage women in favoring them over many heavy silk sarees. These sarees are light in weight in spite of having thick texture and they are resistant to dust. Due to their thick texture, satin silks make a perfect dressy wear on a cold winter day or even on a rainy day. Satin silk as a fabric has an amazing fall and thus the pleats of a satin silk saree fall beautifully and look graceful. A very popular combination with satin silk is shimmer or net. As these materials complement each other, they are highly popular today in the fashion circuit.
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