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by Shatika, October 26, 2016


We have inherited so much of art and culture and we are really very wealthy! All parts of India, proclaim prowess in art, painting weaving which has permeated time and lent itself to our lives, so indiscreetly that we think nothing of it! If we start from the north it is kashida and south it is kanjeevaram, east we have eri and muga and the west has patola. There are so many more, each representing a skill. If the government just makes sure that these weaves do not die then we have thread which binds us together and it is the perfect way to practice national integration. The weavers of  Mysore went to Kota and  spread  their weaving skills there and we have the most amazing checks in the kota sarees and they are still called kota Masuria, acknowledging the place the skill came from.

Silk saree

Silk is the queen of fabric and its price depends upon its weight. The buttery folds of the south silk are a trademark of it quality and the intricate motifs and pallu woven extensively in silken golden and silver are chosen by women to wear on a special occasion may be because of the cost factor and the rich brocades cannot be worn everyday. The kanjeevaram silk saree has the advantage of craftsmanship and quality. Here are some images from our very own saree, which we at Shatika take so much pride in.



Dharmavaram sarees

The handwoven silk sarees are famous in India and abroad as being the saree with broad golden borders and heavy pallus. The city is named after a mother ‘Dharmamba’ so the sarees are a tribute to all mothers. The silk is superior and the designs exclusive. There is a lot of cotton and silk weaving that goes on in Dharmavaram. The handwoven  dharmavaram silk saree has a distinctness of its own and is a popular choice to attend a wedding. Here are some images from a pioneering online e-retailer like Shatika, who has just curated a new collection. Here are some images from a pioneering online e-retailer like Shatika, who has just curated a new collection.


The Arni silk saree

The sarees from Arni in the district of Thiruvannamalai situated in the state of Tamilnadu, is famous for its silk saree. The soft luxurious arni silk sarees have traditional designs and are very popular with women to attend important functions. The main work in the city is weaving and therefore there is a lot of variety in terms of shades and designs are available. Shatika procures its sarees from these weavers and brings them for you to cherish and revel in the festivities of life.


Banarasi Tussar Saree

A dream come true along, a banarasi weave on Tussar looks gorgeous. Cool and not very heavy silk sarees. The broad border executed elaborately along with a choice of heavenly colours. Tussar is comfortable to wear, in any season. So now there is no reason that you can deny yourself a banarasi tussar saree, this festive week. We are a click away! Just log on to our site We have the latest collection of Shatika for you to look beautiful, on the most important festival –Diwali.

banarasi tussar silk saree

The Gadwal Silk Saree

The pride of Andhra Pradesh, woven in the city of Gadwal, the saree is today giving a lot of revenue to the state. The saree is made in cotton with silk border and all silk version both are entrenched in tradition and have beautiful contrast pallus. The pallus are handwoven dramatic poetry. The silk gadwal saree has the following of the young and the not so young both can revel in this piece of silken finery.  Indulge in it–you are worth it. Here are some images of our pride and joy–the gadwal silk saree.


Weaving is a tradition which we have inherited and it would be callous, to not nurture it. As you can see that it is a fascinating world of weaves that exists. Shatika in this quest had organized two exhibitions in Bhopal and Raipur to make the people aware of the handloom heritage, we have inherited from our predecessors. We were pleasantly surprised that Bhopal had very aware citizens than Raipur but nevertheless, our purpose was achieved, that was, to show to the people–our weaving legacy. Please do log onto our site for any kind of information concerning sarees in the handloom sector.

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