Cotton Sarees – Flaunt in Style – Cotton/Silk Cotton Sarees add Comfort to the festival of Lights

by Shatika, October 25, 2016

Festivities Furore

Cotton is safe to wear during Diwali because Crackers are a big thing about diwali. More the sound the better the diwali! As children, we waited-only when others had finished burning their crackers. We then took out our quota to disturb everyone’s peace. Today older but not wiser because Diwali brings out the child in us. Crackers are still an integral part of the celebration.We have another alternative, keeping in mind the festivities, the cotton sarees are a must wear during this time for safety but there are some other good options too!

Linen silk sarees

The linen silk sarees are the safest bet to wear on Diwali while burning crackers. We at Shatika have a wide range of the excellent fabric which is woven with a cotton yarn and a silk yarn in order to make it a super choice. It also takes to colours well and the designs are on modern lines and the traditional. Shop for the sarees, that we have procured painstakingly and we are sure you will have a wonderful Diwali.


Silk cotton Chanderi

A wonderful fabric-a combination of silk and cotton yarn. The sarees under this section are just mind blowing. The blend of zari gives the sari the festive look and Goddess Lakshmi will smile with indulgence at the respect you are giving her with your dressing. We have the most interesting combinations for you to wear and flaunt this Diwali.


Kanjevaram Cotton saree

We can bet ten to one, you did not know this existed and this gorgeous saree from the grand South is as grand as its silk counterpart. Seeing is believing. Here are some images of the traditional saree. Which will only add glamour to your Diwali celebrations.


Gadwal silk cotton saree

Wear the Gadwal glory and be with the best. So you are gearing up for Diwali. Let us add to our list, the grand gadwal borders and the majestic pallus to display and be the centre of attraction. Celebrate Diwali this time with caution and make sure your festivities are not marred. Wear the silk cotton saree and be tension free and enjoy the festival regardless.


Khadi saree

The khadi brings along with it a cotton ectasy and silk glam. The texture of cotton is retained with the sheen of silk. Thus, making it a special saree for festive occasions. Shatika has unique designs of the marvelous yarn. It retains the simplicity of the weave, making it a suitable choice. Choose from some of our exceptional pieces.

khadi saree

Diwali brings along joy and prosperity to the one who prays to Goddess Lakhsmi. It’s the time to celebrate the return of Lord Rama. So, light diyas, wear your best saree and be blessed.

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