The Changing Face Of The Saree

The Changing Face Of The Saree

by Shatika, October 18, 2016

Saree in it’s hey days

Sarees were expected to be worn in a particular manner and nobody defected from it. It was serene and  pleasant. The mood was pious and happy. The simple pallus at the most, the Gujarat is would wear the front pallu. The materials in use were silk, soft cottons and chamundi chiffons. A well-suited design with a proper body and a restraining pallu. The colours used were soft and smooth. The saree was a dainty garment worn by women. We had contrast pallus.

Change in the twentieth century

There came the half and half sari. Colour sensibilities just went out of the window! Now these rainbow sarees are the rage. The pleats are of a different shade, the body another and the pallu is in a different shade. Maybe the human is on a quest to change-to reform. Yes, the important point to remember here is that the young are also interested in the saree and money power has increased. So we have sarees made by designers who have a shelf life if they keep churning out something new.


The new sells

The borders in Dharamvaram silk sarees have also become broader. We have to agree that they do look much smarter. The concept of precious stones embellished on the saree is not very new as embroidery in the past has also used gold threads so now it crystals and diamonds ! The glittering saree, which may have two textures of chiffon and cut work is possible!


The lehenga saree

The lehenga has a pre-stitched version, which has created waves, wherein, you don’t have to adjust the pallu or worry about the blouse. You just have to put it on and you’re a million bucks. Such is the speed with which the designs change. You can’t keep up and believe me, you want to keep up, as the changes are so exciting. Who would have thought that the saree could have so many colours in one saree.

shatika-designer-lehenga-sarees copy

Western Element

The saree has changed to a gown. Prominent designers have changed the simple saree into couture dressing and the saree has entered the western arena. Sarees stitched together to hold the pallu on one shoulder and the long pallu trails or the lady could stylishly pick it up in the other hand! Saree has truly been re-discovered and that is a good thing, as all things have a shelf life and if the youth are going wear it then it is high time, the saree went through a change.


Change for the better

Change which has re-oriented the saree, keeping in mind, the western sensibilities and the Indian psyche is very welcome. The concepts are new but the saree is ancient. So at the end, it is your personal choice if you want to wear the saree in dhoti style or pair it with a Nehru jacket or leggings! But east or west the saree is the best.

western saree

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