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by Shatika, October 16, 2016

Bridal finery


As the season of weddings start there is a flurry of activity. What to buy? Where to buy? The choice depends upon the popular colours of that season and the occasion to be worn for, are some of the multiple contemplations that go into the decision of which sari to buy on this stupendous occasion. Once in a lifetime occasion, only the best matters. Shatika, the leading online presence in hand woven sarees has the most unique designs which are collated personally with the end view of our favoured sari enthusiasts in mind.

Banarasi saree

The saree has been known to have richness written all over it and therefore it is the first choice of the bride-to-be and it is such an easy decision, as there are so many variations that you find example, brocade,  jamdani, tanchoi  but though the umbrella is vast but in essence they have a mughal leaning and a penchant for zari, silk-gold. Enjoy the intricate floral, bels, jhallars and opulent embroidery and minor details to ensure perfection. A perfect saree for a perfect wedding.

Kanjeevaram saree

The sarees are as old as the temples and are known for its thick lustrous silk and gold and silver yarn are used for weaving. The weavers are descendents of Sage Markhand, who was the weaver of the Gods. It is said that Lord Vishnu loved silk, so silk became a favoured fabric and suitable for special functions. The unique weaving of the sari has the strength of the old and tested. The intricate designs are woven in zari for eternity. The ‘korvai’ manner of first weaving separately and then putting it together with fineness of work that is the trademark of this exquisite silk sari. The sari has the numero uno position as the bridal saree.


Dharmavaram saree

The most sought after saree to wear for the bride soaked in finery and grand clothes, to predict a glowing and happy married life. The saree gets its name from the city it is woven in. Dharmavaram is located in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. The city is famous for its silk sarees which are if you see the collection of Shatika-in one word amazing. The city has talented weavers who make the most intricate designs deftly and the astounding brocade work is a good choice for a bride to wear to functions just after the wedding or even as the bridal saree.


Paithani saree

Paithani saree is not only richly woven but is also auspicious for a bride to wear on her wedding day. As she would want all the luck for her new innings in life. This art of weaving is perfected in the village of Paithan in Maharashtra. The sarees have a decided richness which cannot be denied and the sheen and lustre of the silk pallus are stunning and the motifs of peacocks and kalash make it extra special.


Chanderi saree                   

The saree has the delectable gauzy fabric which makes it different from others. The sari is delightfully woven in Chanderi, a village in Madhya Pradesh. The beautiful weaving is woven in all colours and has zari motifs and golden border and equally grand pallus. The sari is famous for its lightness and the weave in golden or silver gives it a royal look. Certainly a must for the formal morning functions.


Spoiled for choice

The choice is difficult because each sari is better than the other. So narrow down your choices, to first numbers: How many functions are there going to be? What is the importance of the function and decision made according to the show of flamboyance, budget and personal choices should be utmost when taking the most important decision in a woman’s life. So choose from the richest and widest range of the exclusive wedding sarees from Shatika. Glow on your wedding day and be the most radiant and ravishing bride.

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