Bhopal Exhibition Cum Saree Sale

by Shatika, October 11, 2016

The Indian Saree-Handloom


We are all weavers, we love to weave stories, we love to connect, to our past and sarees allow us that privilege. As we can go back to the times of the Mahabharata or to the saree! For the first time in the history of Shatika, we had hosted India’s biggest Handloom silk saree exhibition cum sale, in Bhopal’s landmark hotel, Jehan Numa Palace. Sylvan surroundings and the grandeur of the hotel created an entrancement. The traditional sarees were loved by the ladies of Bhopal, they were appreciated and well received. The CEO of Shatika, Mr. Saksham Mittal, who is the vision and the man behind the largest online handloom market place said, “It is my endeavor to add momentum to the revival of the handloom saree and it is my utmost priority in life.”  He further added that, “‘Shatika’ means ‘saree’ in Sanskrit and elaborated that weavers are scattered all over India and their work is collated under the umbrella of ‘Shatika’ giving expression to their talent.”  We have a fine network of satisfied customers.



Deepti Singh, a visitor at the exhibition said, ‘’They (Shatika) have a wide collection of silks sarees from regions completely unheard-of. It is a new experience in Bhopal. I have never seen so many varieties of silk sarees !’’ Another excited buyer, Vandana Shrivastava said, “The collection is impeccable and I am delighted by the designs. This was the first initiative by Shatika and we had displayed, some of our best silk collections from the world of handloom sarees focusing on all the cities of India. The three-day event that took place from 2nd to 4th September, 2016 in Bhopal. Show cased some of the finest weaves by master weavers of celebrated handloom clusters like the real brocade Banarasi silk sarees from U.P. The deft double ikat from Hyderabad. Patola silk sarees from Gujarat, Pure Paithani silk sarees from Maharashtra and real gold sarees from the south, the finely crafted Kanchipuram silk sarees, royal Dharmavaram sarees and grand Gadwal silk sarees from the South. The pristine Kosa silk sarees from Chhatisgarh, Shiny and textured Bhagalpuri silk sarees from Bihar. Authentic Bomkai Sambalpuri silk sarees from Odisha and many many more!.

Our sarees  were loved by the people of Bhopal. They  swarmed  the hotel  and  were fascinated by the vast variety in sarees.


New Venue

Shatika brings its bountiful sarees to the capital city  of Chhatisgarh. Raipur is the next venue for the sale and exhibition of all our sarees. We are scheduled to showcase our sarees from 20th to 24th October,2016. The venue is the oldest hotel in Raipur, The Mayura, centrally located besides Raj Talkies.

The sarees from all over India, are selected with precision and our weavers are our designers and they weave according to our needs and there is a symbiosis of warmth and an old camaraderie that exists. We also offer terrific discounts. A saree is as bountiful as India and with an agile and talented Textile Minister Mrs Smriti Irani, we hope that the sky is the limit for handlooms. A saree is not merely six or nine yards but a romance with life. Long live the saree.

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