Navaratri Sweets – Recipes of Different Sweets prepared on Navaratri

by Shatika, October 4, 2016

First funda

Navratri comes along with Goddess Durga, fasting, fun and frolic. All in the same order. For anything to be successful, it has to be done correctly. If you are planning to fast: the first and the last or nine / ten as they say. You have to decide to load your fridge first. Bring sweet potatoes, potatoes, peanuts raw and ripe. Saboodana all varieties. Water chestnuts whole and powdered. Lots of senganamak and ghee, Coriander, lemon, and makhanas.

Dry feasts

Chestnut namkeen

Like we make bhujiya with besan. Use chestnut powder and make a stiff dough and steam it and roll it in the press and fry it in desi ghee. Enjoy the smell while you make it. Toss in peanuts and keep to absorb on a paper roll and add senganamak and chilies to it while it is hot.


In the same manner, you could also take saboodana and fry it combine with fried peanuts and chestnut bhujiya and store in a tight container.

Saboodana special

Soak saboodana and cook on the flame. Add senganamak and cumin seeds. Ladle spoon fullson a plastic sheet to dry in the sun. When dried, pack into a bottle to use whenever you feel hungry. Saboodana chips are delightful. Just like raw banana chips but fry them in coconut oil, the flavor is amazing. You will not be able to stop at two or three.


Dried fruit, fresh fruit or dry fruits are also staple stand byes. Do eat when hungry. Potato chips are the kings of the menu. Fried makhanas are also a good bet. Store everything in air tight containers or they will become limp.

Olfactory delights

The smell of potatoes frying is the most heavenly smell. Though loaded in calories but they give you the much needed despite and are energy bars.

Saboodana FRITTERS

The famous saboodana fritters

Soak saboodana a while and cook the potatoes and wait. listen to bhajans and heat a kadai and wait. Do not ever fry in warm oil you will eat more oil than you would like to! Get a coriander chutney ready. Mash the saboodana and potatoes and make them into any shape you like and fry them.  Absorb the oil on paper and serve when hungry.



You can make kheer with rajgirayou will enjoy the crunch. Make kheer with apples, don’t stand the apples as they colour fast. Lauki is another healthy choice. Laukikheer will make you, want to fast everyday!



The chestnut powder makes wonderful paranthas rolled and fried in desi ghee. Along with curd or butter. Corriander chutney or a banana dip.

Navratri is a time to prayer. So make the Goddess happy. We hope you get what you have wished for and God’s all seeing eye knows the one who truly deserves his faith and we sincerely wish all our patrons a very happy Navratri.

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