How Sarees Have Become an Integral Part of Corporate Wear

by Shatika, September 21, 2016

‘Hey! gorgeous saree. Is it something special-anniversary or what?’ comments drive one point home that sarees in the working woman’s life have a rainy day kind of use. The western dress is also practical but is not made for the Indian figure. We are endowed with ampleness which looks graceful while wearing a saree. Today we have the figure conscious young ones who believe in burn the flab. All very well. We have known to have lived long lives in the past due to frugal eating. In the present scenario, if you notice Sonia Gandhi wears sarees out of her own free will. Indira Gandhi wore sarees and was proud of it and visited abroad wearing it. Of course today we also have Prime Minister Modi, who not only promotes the Indian jacket but also the language. We are proposed to be the super power in the near future then should we not have our own benchmark?

handloom sarees

Bold and the Beautiful

The likes of Smriti Irani, the Textile Minister, have always been wearing handloom sarees. Chanda Kochhar, the ever smiling high-profile banker. Women who are seen voicing their opinion on T.V. are all wearing handsome broad bordered handwoven beauties. The surge in dressing in sarees has been seen. It is a very good sign. The saree unites us makes us Bhartiya. Everyone wants to blend maybe abroad you don’t want to look like a red herring but in India, we have people to starch are sarees, and get our colour combinations stitched. Of course, online shopping has made that easy Shatika offers blouses along with its handwoven beautiful handloom sarees. Today you can opt for Coimbatore sico saree, cotton sarees are a very good option for the working women.



There is an aura about a saree. It commands respect and more so if the choice is a grand full bordered Kanjeevaram watch all your sub-ordinates-colleagues. Gush in praise, hang on to your each word. Nothing sells like success and if you power dress, that is, you wear a saree at least the battle of appearances is won. The rest is a cake walk. We can only ask you to try. The saree has the vast repertoire, the whole of India is its arcade. Therefore here Shatika can assist you to choose from their handloom sarees which have representation from the each nook and corner of India. Remember you are a working woman, so keep your jewellery to the minimum. We don’t want to look like a Christmas tree!

The Twentieth Century

The best part of this century is that women have roles to play. Pivotal roles, lucrative careers. The style is intrinsic in women. Here we are not talking about only successful women but all women, who have the gumption to be the bread earner, who look so graceful and are determined. Shatika has for the working women, the Bangalore silk sarees, the Mysore silk saree for everyday wear. Cotton sarees from Venkatagiri or Maheshwar. The Kota, Bandhani saree from Rajasthan, the Kanjeevaram cotton saree. The kalamkari saree or the Gadwal saree for a promotion or farewell party. The women stand shoulder with the best to work for the growth of our country in whatever capacity.The saree breaks the ice and an equality status is maintained. A change is happening in board rooms and across the nation. Be part of the change. Shatika is a click away to assist in power dressing and watch the woman in you glow. Women-you deserve your inch of the sun.

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