The Contemporary Cotton Sarees of India

by Shatika, August 19, 2016

The classic cotton sarees are  to be revered as they  are like timeless beauty, never fading, eternal and ever young that is why it is our endeavour to make our saree lovers re-acquainted with some of the cotton glories that are Indian in heart and spirit. Some of the famous cotton handwoven sarees are as follows:

Gadwal : From the Mahbubnagar district Gadwal, is in the state of Telangana. The famous sari, which can be folded into a matchbox. The pallus are grand and the borders are the testament of the fact there is nothing better than a Gadwal saree. The saree can be worn for formal occasions. It is evergreen and is reliable to make you feel well dressed. The saree is a favourite choice of young ladies going to college or working ladies. The saree leads a class of its own. Do view the gadwal cotton sarees from Shatika’s collection. We have for you some pictures of the latest collection gadwal cotton saree.

Kanchi WeaverThe top-notch Silk Saree from the south has its counterpart in cotton equally loved and impeccable in quality and weave. The cotton fabric is conducive to our tropical climate and we know, that it is, not only loved for its texture but also for the lightness of the sari. The tempting traditional borders and irresistible pallus are all responsible for the popularity of the saree. The best only like the best. Take a look at our own collection of the much-respected Kanchi cotton saree.

                           gadwal cotton sarees      kanchi cotton sarees

West Bengal :  The cotton fields of West Bengal, have many cotton sarees like tant. The natural woven sari with amazing thread work or zari work. The finer the cotton the more expensive it gets! The daccai weave gets more expensive, the hand weaving is intricate and flawless. They also have the kantha embroidery, which is based on a very old craft of the bengalis. Given below are some pictures of cotton tant sarees available at Shatika.

RajasthanAnother cotton beauty and very popular is the kota doria cotton saree of Rajasthan. The saree has an indigenous manner of weaving khats which give the chequered look in the kota doria. The finer the weaving, more the joy of wearing sarees. The saree is made for the summers and it can also be worn all the year around. The Kota Doria cotton saree is just like wearing French chiffon, it is weightless! Given below are some pictures of kota doria cotton sarees.

                             bengal tant cotton sarees       kota cotton sarees

Another saree, which is evergreen is the block printed sari. The block prints are definitely loved by women of all ages. The dabu, bagh, sanganeri are some of the block prints from Rajasthan. The art of block printing is contemporary and as well as old as the hills. Regardless, they are loved because of its Indianness and beauty. Given below are some Bagh print sarees of Shatika.

bagh print cotton sarees

Sarees have the quality of not belonging to an age but they are ageless. Saree is as stylish as you can make it. Choose your saree carefully, keeping in mind your figure, complexion, and weight. Make your decision, wisely and there is no one who can steal your glory. The cotton saree is as contemporary it can get and also as traditional as the occasion demands. So dress according to the occasion and put your best foot forward.

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