Latest trends in Silk Sarees of India

by Shatika, August 10, 2016

The choice of millions and the love of trillions the silk saree has lovers in the North, South, West or East of India. The south cannot think beyond the silk no other fabric exists for them. The flashy north Indian loves to show off during weddings their opulent saree collection but they are equally vociferous with their sarees like chiffons, the organzas, ikats or benarasi. The latest trends in sarees are the pleated sarees and the latest silken glories in ikat. The East adores their mekhlas and their jute silk saree. The Bhagalpuri and the Patolas also reign supreme.

The superb ikat sarees with lustre and fine sheen. The silken glory, the printed silk saree. Colours of every hue in the silken ikat saree. The Madhubani saree embellished with the age-old craft of pen manship. The mix of print and block in printed silk saree. The colourful Chanderi weaves and designs to delight any maiden.

printed silk sarees

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The arni silk sarees or the south sarees use the ‘Porai’ to join two pieces together. The sarees are lightweight and are joined deftly at the border and the pallu. Today the better woven and thick silk expensive silk saree are from Kanchipuram. The sarees have motifs of temple towers, palanquins, elephants, birds and sprays of lotuses.

kanchipuram silk sarees

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Assam silk or the muga silk. The silk has natural tones of golden yellow. Their mekhlas and the designs common in Assam, Tripura and Manipur have motifs. The silk bihuan is woven for gifts and the saree has the unique assamese weave, very popular for its authenticity.

jute silk sarees online

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The silk lehariya saree, Shatilka has curated a lot of the Rajasthani lehariya, the silk saree is very popular with the young and the old.. The colour combinations are amazing. The slim golden borders and the turns and twists of the tie and dye and bandhej along with the craftsmanship of the dyer and design make a heady concoction of colours and expertise.

lehariya silk sarees

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The Mysore silk saree, needs no introduction. The saree has a glorious past and a vibrant present. The saree is loved for its colours and the simple golden weave. The weavers are veterans in this field and the best craftsmen do our work and Shatika believes in the authenticity and perfection.

mysore silk sarees

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The modern saree, the pleated lehanga saree. Shatika has under its fold another gem, the lehanga saree. The choice of the millennium, the designer saree for the woman on the move who has no time for redundancy and looks for change and the pleated saree and pleated stitched sarees are certainly the ideal ensemble for them. Shatika has lehanga saree in contrast colours and designs.

lehanga designer sarees

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The Bagru print saree, are made from natural dyes and are as old as the hills. The designs are contemporary. Shatika has a new lot of bagru print sarees, just for to realize that we have whatever you may think of. The prints are of block print and some prints are very old yet eternal.

bagru printed silk sarees

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The Banarasi silk saree, the honoured and revered treasure of the South. Well-known not only for its traditional weave but also for its lustrous silk. The shalu silk saree is its south counterpart equally loved. Just enjoy both the sarees, they  are exclusive and elegant.

shalu banarasi silk sarees

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