Famous Sarees from South India

by Shatika, July 30, 2016

Silk has a lot of importance in the life of a South Indian woman. She will prefer to buy a silk saree than her counterpart in the North, who will not just buy silk but along with silk, there will be other sarees. But the ladies of the South love to be draped in silken length and showered with gold. Then the rich heritage of weavers has also been helpful to make their wishes come true. The culture of the place is different and we thank them because only of some queen years ago who insisted on this glorious manifestation of man, did indeed all the ladies of India get the vision of the silk sarees of the South. We have the passion for sarees and south Indians are our favorite because they love ornate, rich borders and heavy pallus. A wedding in Coimbatore or Chennai is such a delight as the men will be in their mundu or dhoti kurta but the ladies will pirouette around in a flutter of silken sheen, wearing colours of every hue while glistening with gold. Such is the splendour of the South. We will take you through the categories that exist there to tempt and tantalise you.

south india women sarees

Kanchipuram Silk Saree –

The legendary Weaves of Kanchipuram silk sarees are made in Kanchipuram, the temple city of Tamil Nadu. Distinct borders, vivid colors and traditional motifs which unites man to nature This beautiful textile of Kanchipuram silks comes into being after a long scrupulous weaving process, which surpasses all sarees, it has a resplendent quality envied by all, the queen reigns, the rich heavy silk which is a formidable friend to have on your side and win the war of opulence and grandeur hands down. There is no fabric that can hold a candle to it! It is then natural that more than one generation wears the kanjivaram saree.

Konrad Saree –

The silk saree in which deities are draped, must be formidably rich in reverence. The saree is light weight and can take to the contours of the body well, the others saree being heavy tended to lend some weight of its own. The Konrad silk saree is popular among the younger women, who want a nice range of sarees that they can wear every day and be easy on the pocket, it sure makes many lovely ladies smile.

Salem Silk Saree –

Tamil Nadu, has another hub where weaving and spinning is second nature. Salem is widely popular. Known for their good quality silk feature distinguished butta designs on their pallu and border. These pure silk sarees from Salem are a tribute to the great Avvaiyar poets of Tamilnadu, who loved beauty and the irony of having the steel plant and the creative spinning sarees going on at the same time is so amazing. Salem also has the oldest mosque, on the bank of the river Thirumanimutharu in the heart of the city a mosque where it said that the Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan, is said to have prayed there. So a beautiful heritage and a sizzling present and the way people love this Salem silk saree it has a great future.

sarees from south india

Arni Silk Saree –

Arni, a town near Kanchipuram, produces light silk sarees. It is situated in the Tiruvanamalai district and the river Kamandala flows by it. The town is famous for making the lightweight kanchipuram sarees!! Equivalent to the original, to the delight of its users. Tamilnadu silks are long lasting. Traditionally, they were washed by being beaten on a granite stone and they survived many generations. Extremely comfortable sarees to wear and are suitable for all seasons. There is an interesting story about Arni, that the water that fell from the hand bowl (Kamandala) of Maharshi Jamadagni flowed as a river and was named Kamandala River. The temple is situated on the bank of this river. It is said that Emperor Dasaratha was unhappy that he had no children and he had come to Arni to, erect a Shivalinga and worship the Lord and conduct the Puthrakameshi Yagya headed by the great Maharshi Rishyasrunga. He was then gifted with four handsome sons, Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrugna. Erecting a temple for the Lord, the emperor named the Lord after the Yaga, Puthrakameshti Easwarar. Those having no child even after long years of marriage pray to Puthrakameshti Easwarar. As the name suggests, they would be blessed thus Arni not only has fine sarees but a finer story to go with it.

Chettinad Saree –

The saree is also known as kandaagi, it has bold checks and stripes. The saree is as hot as the chettinad cuisine. The chettinad sarees in cotton are very famous for their bold colours and geometric patterns. Today they are available in Karaikudi. Who says we don’t have variety in weaves, we have a rich culture and tradition. Chettinad is also full of temples.

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