How to Wear A Saree in The Monsoon

by Shatika, July 20, 2016

wear sarees in monsoon season

Rains have arrived with the arrival of the month of July. Rains are welcome and we look forward to the first showers of fun and gaiety. Shatika would like to guide its saree lovers . How to choose their saree, the colours to be worn in the monsoon. How the saree should be draped and the appropriate make-up and footwear to be worn in the months of July-August.

Color Fiesta : Go bizarre-wear the most outrageous colours and thank the lord that the monsoons have arrived and you should soak up as much of it, as you can! There is no joy greater than getting drenched in the rain but while you are doing it. Do not choose banal colours but bright ones as they will not reveal, as they stick to your contours. Shatika online handloom sarees store advises you to wear bright colours as the mud stains on white are difficult to remove.

Fabric Snooty : Be choosy about the kind of fabric you will wear in the monsoon. Cotton take a very long time to dry. So avoid them, as they are not stained friendly. Avoid silk as they wilt in the rains. You will not like to spoil your expensive sarees. The best choice is the silk cotton sarees, polyester mix saree or a synthetic saree. They come in various delightful bright colours. Do not cut a sorry figure. Be happy and live your life on your terms. Get wet and enjoy yourself this monsoon. The season has started and we at Shatika want you to be geared up for it.

Draping an art : During the monsoons, lifting the fall of the saree is passé. Rather you should tie the saree, to reach the ankles. Make sure you have bought packets of safety pins to keep your saree in place because if there is rain, then strong winds also do follow! Pleat your saree well and make sure your pallu is not too short. If it is very breezy then you can use the pallu to cover your ears. The Sarees is a wonderful outfit and nothing can beat it during the monsoon. If you wear a saree every day, then please make sure that you wear a tight petticoat. There should no loose waist, unnecessary show of midriff, can be avoided. So let’s save us the embarrassment.

sarees for monsoon season

Footwear : The footwear has to be chosen, which is friendly to water. The leather is out of a question, you will end up ruining your expensive leather sandals. There are many options in the market, rubber, plastic has evolved so much that some of them do not even look plastic. This generation has a lot of choice in the plastic footwear. I have seen people wear them even the whole year around.

Make-up : Every girl’s armour, makeup should be light, as there is so much freshness, in this season that heavy foundation should not be used, a light dab of it will do. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner should be applied. We don’t want runny scary eyes to ruin the weather and scare everyone! The application of a light moisturizer or a light cream will also give protection to your skin. Wear dark or bright tantalizing lip color to match the heady season. Wear exotic perfumes like cinnamon or light perfumes of Lancome. So, now we are equipped to deal with the monsoon. Get drenched regardless and then gorge on hot pakoras along with tea or coffee or just forget about going out! and settle in your bed and read a book and enjoy the change in the weather.

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