Ladies Popular Sari Choices

by Shatika, July 8, 2016

Printed Silk Sarees: 

Art is an expression of our inner most feelings. The painter creates a painting, a poet grieves with a open heart, a bird sings in all her glory. It is for each man to find or be in pursuit of something which defines him or her. Some love to collect things others love to buy. Shopping is not easy; it requires an eagle eye and a goal. You cannot go listlessly from here to there not knowing what you want to buy! If that is not decided then the feat defeats the purpose. Printed silk sarees have been a popular choice of women. They buy dreams which unfold in beautiful handloom sarees. To make our saree lovers aware of the sarees that we have in the printed silk saree is our Endeavour.  As  variety is of so much importance today.


The Bangalore silk hub :

The Bangalore silk saree has a lot of variety in its printed silk range. The quality sarees with bold or subdued prints are delightful in the summers or monsoons. Sarees which are the main element of a woman’s life has to be selected with care and the sarees which are made in Bangalore have colour combination of the varied palette and style. The Printed saree is of course very popular with women as a favorite choice to wear to board meeting or to work. Supported by stilettos and a leather handbag makes the look subtle but effective.


The Traditional Print of Bagru :

The other prints we know of are the block print kind. The sarees are decorated with traditional designs using the ancient art of block printing from Madhya Pradesh or Rajasthan. The bagru silk saree with their beautiful colours and the prints as ancient as the art itself. Chanderi block print saree have a beauty of their own . These sarees are Shatika’s own range and the sarees are here as a revelation of the Vastness of its range and volume of depth.













The Famous Pen Art of Andhra Pradesh

The kalamkari silk sarees are painted which are works of art beyond compare!  The wonder of the kalam, block or print has only one purpose, that is, to make our saree lovers know what Shatika has in store and how we are striving to make the woman better dressed than before. The online concept of selling sarees is suitable for women and the advantage that ladies have dealing with Shatika is first and foremost, we procure exclusive pieces from the weavers. We have the smoothest online experience. Do log on and get the printed silk saree experience.  Shatika is the best address for saree shopping anytime!!


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