by Shatika, June 30, 2016

The Saree is not only popular in India, but the women across the world are fascinated with the beauty of the saree and have been including it in their wardrobe. Not only common women but celebrities like Bollywood as well as Hollywood actresses wear designer sarees in parties and events. Aishwarya Rai or Deepika Padukone, and Vidya Balan has made it her style statement.

The morning time is best for light embroidered sarees, A cool maheshwari saree or a dedicate a chanderi saree. Depending upon your mood when pensive wear a kalamkari saree to cheer you up When buoyant wear a comforting mysore chiffon saree.
For work and business:
Shatika has just procured batik print sarees, which look very smart .Choose a mysore silk saree to close a deal and to work select a printed silk saree. For that victory dinner, choose lacy chiffon or a elaborate chikankari saree or even an uppada saree to stump everyone.
For afternoon
Do not be boring wear a dark colour and the saree you choose should be fancy yet not elaborate. The bhagalpuri silk saree has that amount of presence. The elaborate Tanth silk saree and the jamdani could be given preference. Don’t wear very ornate saree and look like a stuffed doll. ‘Choose your jewellery with economy –do not be over bearing.
Sad occasions:
Do not go for a bright coloured saree. Choose handloom sarees like kosa, tussar, or kota to match the subdued mood. Express your feelings with your saree. If you wear a loud, colourful saree –you will surely lose a friend that day.
When the lights come on:
Take out your kanjeevaram, kanchipuram, banarasi silk saree and our latest collection shalu silk saree to dazzle everyone. These sarees are worn at special occasion. On this day you may even wear your dharmavaram or your grandmother’s paithani!
Words of advice:
Sarees are worn on different occasions. For example, you can wear a saree to your friend’s wedding and you can also wear a saree for an important business meeting. There will be a lot of difference between these two types of sarees. Every occasion is marked certain special rules of propriety. For example, you cannot wear a very revealing saree to a puja. Then if you are going out during the day, you cannot wear very heavy silk saree. Light colours are suitable for the day time and dark, ornate heavy sarees for weddings. Dress according to the occasion. The choice of saree will also change according to the variation of fabric and design according to the place you are going. For instance the wedding sarees are intricately designed with zari and flakes of gold and silver. The colours may be any shade of red, beige or pink.
The Indian sarees are designed differently in different region and the artisans amalgamate the designs with traditional motifs to add a dash of creativity. Look for the one which complements you and your figure. The artisans of different region create different sarees and each region displays an individuality of its own in the use of fabrics and designs. Select with care and get dressed to kill.

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