The Invaluable Katan Silk and facts about silk

by Shatika, June 3, 2016

The katan silk is luminous and versatile as it can used to make anything. It very durable as it is created by twisting filaments of different silks together to create a saree with but idars or stripes. It is a beautiful silk which is not only durable but also all kinds of patterns can be made with it. It is a weaver’s delight and the designs have to be seen to be believed. Silk as it, is an honored fabric symbolic of riches and class.

kanta silk


If you remove the letter ‘n’ and add ‘k’ it becomes ‘katak’ another valuable silk popular with the Tibetans. They make katak stoles to honor guests. So next time you are in Tibet, do not refuse a white katak scarf as it comes from a true heart, symbolic of the white color.

katak scarf


The wife of the Yellow Emperor. Empress Lei Zu was idly having tea waiting for the emperor to arrive when a cocoon fell from the sky. She looked into the cup and saw something swimming, repelled she picked it up but she saw a string, curious she turned it around her finger and saw that it was a miracle like Draupadi’s saree it was unending. She kept wrapping it around her finger. There was no Krishna there! But when she looked up she saw a caterpillar on the branch of the tree and by now her finger was quite warm and when the silk ran out she saw a larva and she realized that, smart as she was that, it was a caterpillar who was responsible for this miracle. She started the rearing of silk and for many years kept it as their state secret many years later under the pins of a bun a young lady took many silk worms with her, the secret, as her dowry and slowly silk rearing spread everywhere. They were also smuggled hidden in hollow walking sticks.

Bon appetite

It is said that the assamese not only eat dogs but also boiled pupae, after the silk extraction is done. They fry it and season it with pepper and have it as snacks! Astronauts have been surviving on silkworms in space. In Japan they are slowly cooked in soy sauce and sugar and served as a dish called ‘tsukudani’ well, well silk sure has a lot of use.

Ravenously yours

A silkworm eats up twelve thousand kilograms of mulberry leaves in its life span. It takes ten kg of cocoon to make one kg of silk. That a silk saree requires about seventy kg of mulberry leaves! It leaves us the option to grow mulberry trees in large numbers so that this exquisite fabric should not be extinct soon. The katan silk fabric is very versatile, that is, it can be used as a background or work could be done on it. It is quite sturdy. Therefore kundan work, stones, diamonds could be embroidered and it will hold it and look dramatic and beautiful.

katan silk


The very versatile and well stocked online inventory has katan silk, tussar silk sarees to enhance their product range. The saree has distinct borders and pall us and of course, it is very sturdy so therefore you can will it away –for the next generation.

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