Handloom Designer Sarees – A variety of Sizzling Summer Sarees

by Shatika, May 26, 2016

Grand and worthy

My mother-in-law gave me a soft white cloth, which she said with evident pride in her voice and eyes that it was made by her mother. For me it was cloth, it was a hand embroidered cut work baby frock. Well the crux of the matter is handmade versus machine made, is no battle, as it is not even worth talking about. The question here is do we desire to be robots or human beings. I enjoy my hand printed sarees even may be there may be a human flaw. Its makes my saree human therefore worth loving. Wedding Designer sarees are a craze with ladies as everyone likes to be different and handloom sarees are just the medium to make a woman feel grand and worthy.



The handloom sarees are ancient. Each part of India is screaming- listen to me. I have a story to tell. Are we lost in our own selfish, fast paced lives that we prefer rayon to cotton. But for the ones who still like the handloom sarees, all is not lost. Handloom industry is well loved by weavers of course and also the handloom saree lovers. Take for instance the linen saree range of Shatika they  have  weaving on them and it looks  as though, it is a painting! The arni silk sarees promoted by Shatika boast of neat intricate weaving and above all new interpretations of traditional designs is like old wine in a new bottle. Novelty sells that is why designer wear sarees maybe embellished with stones, diamonds or the like to make it different.


So the imagination of the weaver can go to any extent when he loves what he is doing. The paithani silk saree is a classic example of standard and opulence in weaving. The maheshwari sarees are designer sarees as they have creativity in just using lines –these designer sarees are made by committed weavers artistry. No two handloom sarees are alike this makes them exclusive and designer wear, having the stamp of a weaver. They say even the Monalisa is not perfect- so perfection is a state of mind. The more we think of perfection and creativity, we are forced to come to the conclusion that the most perfect thing is not necessarily creative. Creativity draws more admirers and a thing of beauty is not necessary a joy forever. But certain sarees have a reputation like James Bond had! Some are very good others are good and others are otherwise. You are the boss, have a vigilant eye and choose your handsome designer saree straight from the oven! As they say, Shatika curates its handloom sarees directly from the artists and we do our bit to make their life a little better than before.



The disadvantage of the handloom is the limited scope of designs. Certain motifs and floral creations are standard and creativity is limited to that extent. Yet within these limits there is limitless possibilities and many sarees that are exquisite and will last forever as a great piece of work. The sarees that sizzle every summer are the Kota Doria the exquisite weave from Kota, Mysore chiffon saree the diaphanous beauty from Mysore, the Venkatagiri Summer cotton saree , the lighter than light saree,  the light flimsy Maheshwari saree, the cool chikenkari work on cotton and georgette is the fabric which gives you relief in the tropical climate of India and of course the Chanderi saree.


So these were the sizzling sarees that you should drape to beat the heat. These sarees make summers easier to bear and the best part is that they are made by hand and anything which is original is God’s creation.  

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