Fun in the silk city – Bhagalpur

by Shatika, May 24, 2016


Bhagalpur means ‘good luck’. Bhagalpur is a city in the state of Bihar and it is situated on the bank of the holy river Ganga. This city has historical importance. Bhagalpuri silk sarees are popular not only in our country but nostalgic Indians do take back bhagalpuri sarees. One they are bright and two they are not so heavy on the pocket. It is said that the sarees produced in Bhagalpur, more than 50 % of them are exported. They are known for agriculture as the land is very fertile and the silk sarees. The sarees that are made in Bhagalpur have immense appeal of not only design but also of dextricity of weaving. It is also said that in the olden days also it was a major trading center.bhagalpur


The economy of Bhagalpur is told to be about half from exports. Tussar silk is known as ‘natural silk’, a name given to it because the silkworms do not breed on mulberry but on wild trees, such as Sal and Arjun, found in the forests of Jharkhand. The raw silk has a deep golden colour and is of good texture. Hand spun and coloured with vegetable dyes, the woven tussar silk has a slightly coarse texture.Which does not deter anyone, as it imparts its own beauty.



The silk is made from nature that is why it is called a natural fibre. The bhagalpuri silk though has a coarse texture but looks very rich and is of a superior quality.  It is drawn from nature to a natural symbiosis to symbolism life on sarees with the help of the master craftsman, who designs with his heart and makes heads turn.


The bhagalpuri silk saree is woven intricately with contrast colour combinations. The sarees are dyed in attractive colours and the pallu is an integral part of the entire design. The saree is an extremely striking creation for regular and as well for formal wear. This grand saree would do well for weddings or festivals. Sarees today have attitude and you have sarees with sequins, mirror work, stones and diamonds. Some sarees today have the velvet borders, all this is added to bhagalpuri sarees, to make them happening and rich enough to be worn on special occasions.A specialty of the saree is the heavy brocade. Bhagalpuri silk saree , which has an extra weft of each gold thread running right across the warp threads or also  called kimkhab, a dream, which like the designs, that a weaver can visualize, are so out of the blue and wacky and the combinations used are so unusual . Today novelty sells and that is what makes the sarees so popular. The young generation are also taking to the saree because of the contemporary prints. The saree From another bank of the Ganga comes another wealth of silk sarees which has made the women folk just love the variety that bhagalpuri silk saree price offers and they are lapping it up. Hungry for more.

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bhagalpuri_saree_in_dark_green_color bright-gold-bhagalpuri-silk-saree-with-blue-stripes half-and-half-pink-and-blue-bhagalpuri-silk-saree

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