Silk for the Select few -Mulberry Silk

by Shatika, May 18, 2016

An era it was

Silk was considered the right  of the royalty. The queens wore silk while the others wore cotton. It was a class divide.The fine silk which was worn, has seen great grandeur and power. It was considered highly respectful to exchange gifts made from silk to bond friendships or alliances.Silk was a great leveler but  not anymore as  things have changed today, there has been a change in the quality of silk. Pure silk and zari is still  a rich man’s  lust.

silk with zeri

Silk  has seen great variations in quality  like art silk, silk that has more luster ,is lighter but costs less.   Silk cotton varieties has  prompted silk to be every man’s  choice.  Today, silk is seen in a variety of home furnishings and clothes. The most natural of all silks available in India is mulberry silk .It is light has a natural sheen and a smooth feel constituting about 85% of the total silk production in the country. When worn or draped it takes to the contours like a fish takes to water.

Luscious lustre

Silk is a natural fiber. Many sericulture units have come up in Bangalore, which is emerging as silk hub. The mulberry silk worm is white in colour and the therefore takes on dyes very easily that is why mulberry silk sarees are available in a whole platter of colours. The mulberry silk, it said has the luster that you see on the inner surface of shells or pearls because of the refraction of light.

mulbery silk

The silk is as ancient as our civilization and one thing cannot be denied that silk is a precious fabric in which we also dress our Gods, for they need a fabric which is natural and silk is made from mulberry. Natural fibers such as silk and cotton have a greater ability to attract and retain divine frequencies from the atmosphere. On the other hand clothes made from artificial fibers nylon, terylene, rayon and polyester have less impact to attract divinity. It is also said a nine yard silk saree has greater impact so silk textile has a great potential that is why we still adore it so much. Any Indian wedding cannot be complete without silk sarees and silk dhoti and kurta.

Tender loving care

A long evening dress with a purse in silk. The gentle sheen and shimmer of the mulberry silk saree is very attractive. The mulberry silk saree requires less attention. Silk sarees should be worn in winters and never in the rainy season.  Be careful to only dry clean the saree. When not in use it should be kept away in boxes.


A mulberry silk saree has a durability and sustenance which no other silk saree has.  We live in a life cycle of luxury. Sometimes we just buy a dress just because it’s made from silk. But silk is a very high maintenance fabric. It is a natural fabric, spun by silk worms, and it has no natural elasticity.It will creases very easily, and it can’t be washed in water so it needs to be steamed or dry cleaned. Be careful do not stain it. Love your silk saree, wear it with care.

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