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by Shatika, May 14, 2016

Silk wonder

The wedding season is incomplete without silk sarees. The bride hunts for her saree while the others hunt for their exclusive pieces. Each one is looking for something different, to look as different from the others while some may declare the sarees they are going to wear while others would keep mum till the D day! but one thing that  is common is –silk. Born from the shelter of the acclaimed Banarasi silk saree – Shalu silk saree has caught our imagination. They are affluent and rich.  Silk sarees from Banaras or Varanasi are especially designed for weddings and are popularly referred to as bridal wedding sarees.

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Spoiled for choice

Sarees that are made of a fine quality of silk are the first choice for a wedding or for the bride’s saree. Zari work and embroidery will give it a luxurious look. Heavy zari border, sequins, beads and flower motifs on the pallu will add depth to the saree. Maroon, red and brown in combination with green, golden will definitely make the saree look stunning and  today peach, rust, onion pink are also emerging as favourite colours for a bride.


The Shalu silk saree has the same richness of a banarasi saree. The important day demands special arrangements and therefore the best is chosen. The shalu silk saree has incredible silver and gold work, which is known to be fine and intricate. So the saree is not just a piece of splendour but lives on, for the next generation. Life is a bundle of memories.

Shalu saree

The sarees which are aired once in a way have to be rare and priceless. I remember my best friend’s mother advising her to be extra zealous with her expensive sarees. She told her to fold her sarees length wise. The sarees should be wrapped in tissue paper and to be kept in a box. She told her to keep them separately. The shalu silk saree is woven in pure silk, or silk and cotton blends and zari brocades with silver and golden threads.


Banaras is a prosperous and wealthy weaving centre of India. Shalu sarees are also a variant of these which have mention in the Rig-veda period of Mahabharat and Ramayanaand was known as the Hiranya vastra. The mughals flaunted their love for these weaving brocades and its use and fame got better and better. There is a lot of mughal, paithani influence on the saree which is evident in its borders and pallus. Uttar Pradesh has been gracious and genteel with so many prominent weaves. The queen is the banarasi saree and close on its heels comes the shalu silk saree. No less and the same richness and the opulence. A popular choice at weddings and for the bride as well as the M.I.L therefore the saree has a very important standing for the future of the wedding. Each saree which leaves any handloom cluster has had master craftsmen work on it –so they are always perfect!

shalu silk

History says that Shalu originated in Banaras and even today Shalu is referred to as Banarasi silk saree. It is believed that Peshwa of Pune during his travel to Varanasi mainly for expansion of Maratha Rule under Chhatrapati Shahu of Satara brought this version of silk saree to Maharashtra. Banarasi Silk Shalu stands out because of its very fine thin silk. Showcasing motifs on border and a designed pallu, Banarasi shalu is embellished with jari motifs making it a hallmark of Indian traditional weaving. The sarees are many but sometimes our heart sings one song, that is of the shalu silk saree.

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