The Fabric of Indian independence – KHADI

by Shatika, May 12, 2016

A Tool of life

Khadi was a way of life in the 70’s it was fashionable to wear khadi kurtas from Khadi gram along with bright salwars and mojris and it was considered ethnic. There was a synthetic culture too. In which you would be considered ‘arrived’ if wearing imported synthetic clothes. If khadi escalated a transformation then it would have become a wonder weave.  Khadi became a token of rebellion. Though it was an instrument of unity that got us together. It was probably the pioneer of division in society through class. Even today, we judge what class a person belongs to by looking at their clothes. For the generation before us it was symbolic of a revolution and also an intellectual, the jhola and khadi look.The value addition helped mask the fact that it is was cheap. Later on, it appealed to the politicians and then it crept into fashion.


The only explanation to all these overwhelming changes is that every coin has two sides. Similarly, khadi, was a revolution, that bought us our independence but did create a divide. Khadi has transcended time and evolved into khadi sarees, which are coarse and rough but that adds beauty to the saree.


Practical Aspect

Looking at this from a basic viewpoint of preference. Clothing is evolved from climate. People from hot climates tend to wear lighter color’s and cotton is a suitable fabric for the summers. Therefore we also grow it in India so that means, we are self sufficient. The environment such as the workplace helps in choosing what to wear, based on what is appropriate and what one’s peers, colleagues are wearing.


But who decides what is appropriate or what the current trend is? We dress the way we want others to perceive us. Even without talking to a person just by looking at what a person is wearing, we tend to make assumptions about their personality.

Khadi Silk Saree

When we think of Khadi the first thing that comes to mind, is the rough, hand spun, coarse textile that was available 66 years ago. But this idea is completely different from the reality of today. With the availability of Khadi silk, Khadi – viscose and the numerous other blends in an array of colors, has come to the fore. 


Khadi can no longer be considered the plain fabric that we wore but how Khadi has evolved and what is available today is unbelievable. The Khadi silk sarees are a rage due to some of its exemplary qualities. Coarsely textured, Khadi silk is strong and durable and has a long life. While all fabrics fade away with every wash, Khadi silk has this unique feature of looking good forever. Not only that, Khadi silk stands out with its unique feature of staying cool in summers and warm in winters thus making it versatile a favorite choice of the woman on the move.

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brown_color_indian_handloom_khadi_saree_online brown_color_khadi_silk_saree_with_multicolor_pallu online_khadi_handloom_saree_in_grey_color

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