‘Bengal Tant Silk’ or Handloom

by Shatika, May 3, 2016


West Bengal has seen empires fall and grown with each century sponging in all and creating a culture with the advent of the English in the 19th century gave Bengal an identity –self expression in terms of independence of ideas and Bengal has been a hot seat of power. Along with education also came changes in culture and also dressing. Cotton was always a favourite in Bengal Handloom or ‘tant’ is entrenched in the cultural heritage of West Bengal.

bangal tant

Jamdani and Tangail sarees have been known to be the favourite of the royalty. Daccai cotton sarees and the silk baluchari saree. West Bengal has exclusive sarees. Cotton is finely woven and the silk is woven with silk weft and cotton warp so that the baluchari handloom sarees is loved generously.


Murshidabad, Nadia and Hoogly are very busy cotton hubs of West Bengal and Daccai and tangail of Bangladesh are some of the most sought after sarees of the west. The tant cotton saree, is finely woven with broad borders and simple or elaborate pallus.


The range of colours available in the saree is amazing. The cool saree is a blessing for the hot sultry summers. To drape a crisp starched cotton saree is an experience that is looked forward to like mangoes or ice-cream in summers.


The saree can be embroidered in beautiful bel of flowers or leaves. There can also be bootis running along the length of the saree. There could be motifs of rajmahal, amulet, hathi, nilambari, gem-eyed, phool, tara. It could also be hand painted or simply woven with cotton weft and warp to create a six yard of soft, pliable and tempting cotton saree.


The pallu is also woven. Two shuttles are used to weave the saree. The weavers deftly change the cotton to reel and yarn to cloth and the light airy tant cotton saree is ready to for a loving owner!


The wide palette of pastels and broad borders and the woven pall us have not only the women of Bengal but women all over India transfixed. The maximum sarees are sold during Durga puja and their use also increases in the hot sultry summers.

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bengali_saree_in_blue_color_4 bengali_saree_in_cream_color bengali_saree_in_purple_color_1

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