Dharmavaram or Silk Cloister

by Shatika, April 30, 2016


Another jewel in the crown of Andhra Pradesh. The saree for the kings and queens. We must thank the era of grandiose display when art and culture were the mainstay of life. Handloom work has been pioneered by the many fashionable kings and queens-the royalty in the bygone era.


We remember them fondly because the Indian lady has to have a reason to dress. Harvest celebrations, birth of a child, a wedding all deserve a saree!


The village was named, ’Dharmamba’ after the mother of Sri Kriyasakthi Odeyar’ who had built the first public tank. The place grew into a silk hub and created a name for itself. The charm of the dharmavaram saree is such that the golden luster and the brocade pallus are by itself its special characteristic.


The silk saree from this region is the cousin sister of Kanchipuram of Tamil nadu. Let’s count the similarities, they both are famous sarees and favored for weddings. Have a lot of variety. Dharmavaram silk sarees are known for their bold broad borders for everyday use there are the double shade saree and same colour border and pallu, gives the impression of heavy silk. The dharmavaram sarees are famous for their double shades, heavy borders, light colours and a saree which is simply different.


The yarn gives the durability. Usually Dharmavaram hand loom’s are made in cotton and silk. The count used in weaving gives the softness and hardness of the fabric. The thread used in the weft and warp is the count. Each and every thread of the Dharmavaram saree is hand woven.


Work is divided at home and the saree is lovingly made with the contribution of each member of the family. As a means of livelihood it takes the first place followed by puppetry.


Coloring or dyeing is an important feature of the saree completion. As the dye has to spread uniformly and the yarn should not get affected. The yarn is dried in the shade. When it is completed. Reeled and sent to the loom to weave out dharmaravaram silk or dharavaram silk saree is the last keg in the story. The two tone effect and the superior quality of weave makes the saree stand out.

silk dyeing process

The saree:

The dharmavaram silk story has no competition. As the dharamvavram success depends on the time of the year. The dharmavaram silk pattu saree, dharmavaram silk saree, dharmavaram brocade and zari patterns make the saree so very popular.


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