Maha Kumbh

by Shatika, April 26, 2016

The Malwa plateau is proud to host the Kumbh. Drops of nectar were dropped on Ujjain-declaring it be a holy place, where the Maha Kumbh will be conducted. Since then suitable arrangements are made for the smooth functioning of the historic event.


The Maha kumbh is supposed to begin from the 22nd April to 21st May. It is called Simhastha due to celestial configuration.

The first holy dip or ’Shahi snan’ was on the 22nd April. There were nearly one million devotees from various parts of the world, including 1.25 lakh sadhus who took part in the snan which marked the beginning of the Simhastha — the largest congregation of Hindus in the world. Amidst the sound of conches and traditional musical instruments such as Dhol and Nagada. A large group of Naga sadhus belonging to Juna Akhada jumped into the river for a holy bath followed by others. The other auspicious dates for the ‘shahi snan’ are 9th and 21st May. Apart from that, there are ten other auspicious days of bathing.

sahi snan

The month long festivities would include bhagwath kathas, Ram katha, rituals, the yagya, yogic and tantric practices and of course the holy bath.

It is said that you should take twelve dips in the various ghats which are deemed  to have mystic powers Tourists and Indians flock to Ujjain, in the hope  to lessen their sins and wash away all that consider not nice in their life, to attain moksha.


Singhast is an event which makes people believe that there is hope and things can improve and God is giving us a second chance. The naga sadhus and the seers who have renounced the world and  who are truly holy take the snan first followed by the akharas, a protocol is maintained, and according to the strength of your faith you are granted access. The local authorities are very alert during this kumbh, as the numbers of people who visit, is so large, any untoward accident can happen. Maha kumbh is an event, which is very important, to cleanse your life and start afresh.

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