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Bagh printed sarees in cotton were the rage of the 70‘s later they started printing on silk brought from Bangalore and cotton silk from Maheshwar near Kargoan. The Bagh Printed Sarees are known for their fine quality printing and bright vegetables colours and may be recognized by their geometric repetitive patterns in different variations and colours, block printed predominantly on a white base.


The block designs that have managed to survive more than 200 years still find a very good thriving market for them. The dynamism of the design which could be derived from the ability of the artisans to change the design pattern to cater to the need of the market demand pattern has always attracted the modern woman. The trends change ,old wine in a new bottle and the wine is still good. The saree is a favorite among’st us Indians. and we cannot be more Indian than this. Shatika has an enviable range of this saree.

bagh_pure_cotton_handloom_print_saree_online  traditonal_light_pink_color_bagh_print_saree

The khatri community which comprises of the chhipas or printers are believed to have come to Bagh – about 400 years ago – from Larkana in Sindh, which is famous for its Ajrak prints. What motivated these families to cross the difficult terrain of the Indus and settle in the deep interiors of India, far away from their ancestral homes, is not known for sure but what is certain is that they carried with them a strong tradition of hand block printing.

The chippas settled near water sources, along the Bagh river, where they set up centres of hand block printing. Bagh’s proximity to the river was an important reason for the chippas selecting it, as flowing river water is vital to the process of printing. However, since the river Bagh that flows through Bagh is dry several times during the year, the material to be washed has now to be taken to the Narmada river, about 30 km away.


Bagh, which lends its name to the Bagh prints is a small tribal town in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. The design repertoire of Bagh prints covers geometrical and floral compositions and the blocks used for stamping are intricately and deeply carved by block-makers in Pethapur in Gujarat. Bagh printers. Today, in Indian society, bagh print has not only become the status symbol but it also reflects the awareness about this eternal art. At present, the main production center of production of this product is Bagh and Kukshi area in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh.


200 years old processes are still being used; some of them are 100 to 50 years old and Every process used is manual and though the techniques and designs are age-old they have a contemporary appeal, which is eternal.

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