by Shatika, April 9, 2016

The temple town of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu is known for its silk sarees. The Cholas started the love affair with silk and the city of Kanchipuram has been a silent onlooker to its past and present. They invited weavers to migrate Kanchi. During the Vijaynagara rule there was an influx from Andhra in the 15th century but after a spell of disaster in the 17th century. Kanchi silks revived their much loved trade of weaving.

The saree offered to Kanchipuram a handsome and thriving silk industry. They had discovered the koruvai technique, which was loved by women as the pallus and border became opulent and grand. The gorgeous heavy silk saree with classic colour combinations became a trademark of kanchipuram silk saree . Woven on heavy lustrous filature silk in warp and charka silk in weft, kanchivaram sarees with its rich golden ornamentation is not mean’s for one generation but for many. So in a way price does not matter! The temples of Kanchipuram district reflect the glorious tradition of South India. The Dravidian temple architecture and Pallava art is the heritage of the city. Which the weavers have put in their art, the peacocks, the mango, the anklets, grapes, dance poses, coconut motifs and and leaf and jals.

kanjeevaram silk saree
The saree steeped in old shades is a joy forever. The kanchivaram sarees are as grand as can be in silk and the finest cotton is used to make the softest Kanchivaram saree. The kanchivaram has a place in the gilded palaces and also in the humble hamlet. Kanchi silks have seen so much and they will live on like the brook, ‘For men may come and may go but I go on forever.’

A gorgeous Yellow and multicolor kanchivaram saree, a saree what dreams are made of! Kanchivaram can adorn a hamlet or be the pride of a rich magnates’ wife.
Kanchivaram pattu sarees to suit our summers or the re-occuring dream of a bride. The saree for a bride, a wine coloured delicacy!

The softness of the heavy silk saree makes one bow to it and often wonder, is it? It has an enduring past, full of myths, truths and makes the saree appear fragile and feminine and yet silk. The reason why many marry, is to get their hands on the family heirlooms (kanchivaram saree) or some wait for a wedding! To flaunt their kanchivaram silk sarees.
Today the designs are new on the skeleton of the old. A new kanchivaram does hang on it but even though time as evolved and adopted newer design elements. The cultural evolution has not been able to lessen the one enduring legacy that a woman gives another of the habit of a kanchivaram silk saree.

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