Success is a Decision

by Shatika, March 22, 2016

Shatika took that decision a year back and today we are reaping the love and loyalty of millions which we are blessed to have! Our saree enthusiasts are amazing. We absolutely adore you. Online shopping makes everything crystal clear; there is no grey wall at all. Our picture quality is fine and clear-you will get the same saree that you saw on the site! Social media response has been heart-warming. We continue to add categories and the show will go on. Sarees cannot be ignored for long. It is the perfect nightwear or day wear. It is a personal choice that is why our platter is so colourful and patriotism is in our soul as we truly represent the whole of India!     


Today we are a name to reckon with in the realm of handloom sarees. Our presence is even felt overseas and it’s no mean task! As the team at Shatika is powered by the dynamic Mr. Saksham Mittal (CEO), who has been the captain of the ship. We have sailed every tide safely and we also know that success is always a sum total of efforts from a team, who have been  like the rock of Gibraltar! Constant and true to Shatika. We will continue our journey, while you don’t forget to keep clicking on our site! Where your search ends; our journey begins.


Time flies at Shatika’s birthday. Enjoy the bonanza of launches and offers till they last.


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