Shatika ‘s heart beats for its weavers

by Shatika, March 18, 2016

Shatika has a soft corner for sarees is very evident, as we actually feel for the weaver and in our fashion, have tried to make their life better. Indeed it is such a loss of talent if this handicraft is  solved or has no takers. Therefore our main crux of the business is handloom. You have to pay more for quality. There are fakes in the market. But would you deny a weaver his due and buy substandard stuff. That is why Shatika was conceived.


We as a team have worked hard to take on a new business module-ecommerce. And we have shown the world that sarees rule the world even today.


For a saree to look elegant it has to be worn well and not just wrapped around!  A fantasy is elegant and beautiful. The path of light shown to us by our predecessors has not dimmed. We now know the importance of accessory and embellishments of a saree. We have had the strength to carry on our work because of the support and love shown to us by our dear saree lovers. The whole of last year we were flooded with requests to add more sarees and believe us, when we say that Shatika has prospered because we followed the path of light shown to us by those, who love us. That is why we say that, Shatika is today, is because of you i.e people who believed in the dream.  We started with five categories and today we have 34 categories!  Our latest venture is Mysore chiffon saree.  We cannot thank you enough for the faith bestowed upon us. Shatika brings for you lots of offers and exciting times. An old dream is dead and a new one is being born, as a flower pushes through the earth. Anew vision is coming into being, new aspirations ,new goals.  A greater desire to do better.













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