by Shatika, March 16, 2016

Kite flying is one of the most popular sports and festival in India. According to the Greek literature, kite-flying dates back to as old as 14th century and later came to India and other Asian countries. Kite Festival in India is popular the worldwide and celebrated with great fun and fervor. Watching the colourful sky during the kite festival is indeed a feast to the eyes.


Men’s inherent wish to fly high and reach the sky would have surely made him invent the kite and fly it high, somewhere giving him the feeling and the satisfaction that he can fly and touch the sky as high as he wants.


Kite is basically made of paper, though you may also see kites made of silk or other thin material. Kites usually come in various shapes and sizes and framed by a thin bamboo stick. Kites are attached to a thread rolled in a pinball and flown against the direction of the wind. Kite flying is lot of fun but the real excitement lies in cutting in each other’s kites. The more kites you cut the more expert you are.


Kite flying is a festival, which both the class and the mass enjoy. Kite flying is an inexpensive sport.


Though there is no fixed time and month for flying kites, different states associate it with different festivals. The most important of all is the Ahmedabad International Kite Festival, which is held in the month of January on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. Expert kite fliers from not only India but all over the world go there to participate in the kite flying festival and display their kite flying skills.


Besides, Raksha bandhan and Independence Day are some of the occasions when you can see sky full of colourful kites swaying in the blue skies.


The entire city – with friends, families and relatives –  gather on rooftops. Everyone was engaged in a kite flying frenzy. It is also symbolic of spring which ushers in new hope and new beginnings.













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