Dazzling Jewels Of Maheshwar

by Shatika, March 9, 2016

Style was an essential trait of the Holkars of Indore and there are so many popular heirloom collections that were once the pride of the Holkar dynasty which reflects their erstwhile pomp and grandeur. The Holkars were renowned throughout the world for their grand collection of jewels and the finest of jewellery. There are several historical accounts that speak of their jewellery collection. It is said that the entire jewellery collection of the Maharaja in the 1930s-40s was estimated to be around 40 million dollars.


Maharaja Yeshwantrao Holkar was a great patron of jewellery and French jewelers such as Van Clef, Arpels, Chaumet and Moubassin and had special exquisite jewellery pieces crafted from them. The most popular jewellery pieces in the Holkar collection have been the bejewelled dazzling peacock turban, the Indore Pears, the Jonker and Porter Rhodes diamonds amongst many other such pieces.


220px-Yashwant_Rao_Holkar_IYashwant Rao Holkar II









The fabled peacock bejeweled turban was one such exquisite masterpiece crafted out of rubies, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and pearls that was specially made by European goldsmiths in order to give the impression of a crown on a turban. Another fabled artifact was the bejewelled walking stick of the Holkars whose elephant-shaped handle was made out of one single ruby.

All these stones! My eyes dazzle! Even today we are fascinated by this city besides the river Narmada. Holy to the people living there, har har Narmada. The past and the present have blended like sugar and tea!

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