by Shatika, March 1, 2016

When fingers become cars, dupattas become sarees, dolls have weddings and grannies make food and clothes for the occasion! There is a huge chasm between childish pranks and child -like fun. Gita knew that her daughter would never be able to go to a normal school but she felt happy that she was able to express her basic needs clearly. Gunjan was very beautiful as God had given more and kept some things from her. Gita was happy that her pride and joy had some very clear days, which she looked forward to. On one of these days, her friends son who loves to dance, saw Gunjan tap her feet to music and requested her to allow him  to make Gunjan  learn dance from him. He worked very hard and Gunjan was able to express herself and she laughed. Gita was in seventh heaven because her daughter looked so beautiful and happy that it was magical. Her prayers were heard. She is now 15, unaware of her beauty, Gita still struggles and takes each day at a time.


Gita was browsing and came across pictures of sarees on the Shatika online sarees site and she saw the fixed look on Gunjan’s face; she had remembered her dupattas and was delighted. She only wanted Gita to give her the dupatta . The saree of her child had come to meet her in her teens. She is unaware of the woman in her but a saree gives her the same happiness or more because the joy she feels is pure and noble. Gita buys sarees for Gunjan who may or not wear them but her happiness is priceless.






















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