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by Shatika, February 24, 2016

When a weaver touches what are till then simple strands of treads, he pours life into it with his Midas touch and along with it, he also dribbles a few of his hopes and dreams. At Shatika, we don’t just sell you the lively sarees woven by them with love and care, we sell you their dreams and hopes of a glimmer future. We are not just an online handloom saree store, we are the storytellers.


We bring you all kinds of stories, some are fascinating, some are heart wrenching and most talk about the lustrous culture and tradition of India; The lustre that lies in its ancient eminent architecture, it’s fascinating customs and rituals, its diverse religions, languages and food and quite literally the lustrous sarees that are amongst the most ancient traditions of India.


The magic of the weave, infuse of colors, the opulence of zari motifs, the intricacy of the handwork and the artistry and creativity of the weaver unleashed on the six yards of canvas is unprecedented and exceptional. A tapestry to hold and feel, the moments of a saree are limitless and its beauty cannot be bound. Just as the sarees with all their uniqueness of fabric color and weave unite us and invoke in us the feeling of Loving India and loving Indianess, Shatika, inundated by its charm and enthused by its vitality is inspired to bring before you a wide spectra of these woven wonders and generate the same passion.

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