by Shatika, February 12, 2016

The recent news that Ranveer Singh flew to Toronto to spend Valentine day with ravishing Deepika has all the hunks in tinsel town in a tizzy. The notch is hitched higher and the lads are wondering what they can do to raise the bar. Men don’t realise that a woman does not want diamonds – just time and loyalty!  Lots of togetherness and remember a moment missed is a lifetime missed.


According to readers digest, wolves are true romantics. Once a pair has formed a bond, they stay together for life. That’s why wolfs pack always consists of a pair of wolves and their offspring’s. Male zebras keep a harem but they give the females lot of loving care. Polar bears are loners. A male penguin is a very busy, he not only has to have a good spot to move in with and his work defined but even then the fussy female may or may not choose him!


So we do have a lot to learn so let’s be like the swan, they are symbols of loyalty, as they mate for life. So get your chocolates and wine ready and this valentine day make your valentine happy.


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