Tangible Tussar Sarees

by Shatika, January 25, 2016

Tussar silk sarees come in a variety of hues and look very pretty and elegant. So today let’s explore this beautiful fabric that wins hands-down when we talk of tradition. It is  deeply rooted in our culture. The  tussar silk is the perfect symbol of this tradition. Though these sarees are priced on a slightly higher side, but you will not regret spending your hard-earned money on these beauties. The rich colours and the amazing texture of the tussar saree, makes  it a great choice, when it comes to sarees. The tussar silk sarees, have  taken the  saree scene  by storm not only in India but also overseas. which  goes to show, that Indian tradition has a universal appeal. This sophisticated saree is  appreciated,for its handloom leanings and indianess.


Even within the tussar silk fabric, there are a number of classifications. There are  many types of the sarees that are produced in the silk saree handloom industry. Each of these come with a hint of cotton mixed with a tussar warp. When it comes to the most popular ones, it is the pure tussar saree  or the tussar silk cotton saree, which is  quite popular.


The contrast colour saree is preferred to single hue saree. The  Tussar silk sarees come in a variety of colour combinations. It is the usual custom  to pair a neutral tone such as a beige or a honey with something bright such as pink, green or red. The overall look and grace that emancipates from such colour combinations is something sensational, which any elegant lady would vouch for.

tussar silk saree in dark rust color

pure tussar silk saree in orange and golden color


handloom tussar silk saree in dark pink color

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