Matka Silk

by Shatika, January 11, 2016

Matka, is a textured fabric woven out of the thick yarns from the cocoon of the Mulberry silkworm Matka silk sarees hail from the holy city of Bhagalpur. The rough textured handloom Matka silk sarees are spun by hand without washing away the gum called sericin causing irregularities and unevenness which add to the raw appeal of the fabric and enhance its beauty. Its texture resembling a tweed cloth, though the fabric is thick, it is very light and airy.


                                                They are unique and exclusive and an excellent medium for showcasing traditional art work. Matka silk is light in weight, and a fabric which is easy to embroider on. We have one saree  to match the  taste of each woman. The sarees  symbolise purity, richness and elegance. These sarees are simple but yet trendy looking and can be worn at home, during casual get togethers, or even to work. The alluring collection in vibrant colours, different patterns and styles, makes it popular.  Our purpose is  to acquaint you with Indian traditional attire and avail elusive and exclusive sarees  and enjoy the on-line saree shopping experience. Shatika,  stands for elegant sarees and tradition.

dark grey color saree in matka silk

matka silk saree in pink and purple color

matka silk saree in cream and multi color

matka silk saree in bule colorShop For This Collection at:

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