Elephant God In Many Avatars

by Shatika, September 14, 2015

Lord Ganesh as the muscular Bahubali with a toned body carrying the Shiv Linga! That’s one of the multiple avatars fashioned out of clay by the artists this Ganesh Chaturthi. Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chaturthi that is celebrated in the honor of lord Ganesh is a great platform for many budding artists to exhibit their artwork. It has also become the means to project socially relevant issues in the name of the lord. Themed around the burning issues and popular icons, this is the time of the year when the abundant creative talent that’s present in the country surfaces up.  COhF_RcUwAEd4Dh

The myriad avatars of the lord that made headlines in the Past:

  • Ganesh Idol made of spring and different kinds of stones being worshipped.Ganesh is the god in Hindu religion ** Note: Shallow depth of field
  • Ganesh puja pandal made like a facebook wall .


  • Ganesha making a grand entry on a flying garuda.


And now a salute to innovators who exhibit creativity but not at the cost of environment:

  • Creative clay idols of Ganesha in myriad forms .


  • Giant Ganesha idol made out of 1000 odd coconutcoconts


  • Innovative and ecofriendly Ganesha made out of the the ‘runja’ which are seeds of a wild plant.




  • Ganesha made with bitter gaud .


As we said, there is abundant talent present in our great country, what is lacking is the people who can appreciate this talent. So here we are, hunting for the hidden talent and presenting it before you for we know you admire and appreciate art as much as we do; art in any form – be it in molding clay into beautiful idols or weaving threads into wonderful sarees!




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