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by Shatika, August 5, 2015

wedding picIt is pouring cats and dogs almost every evening in Mumbai. A hardcore Andhraite and a ‘would be’ bride, Meera needs a traditional silk saree for her engagement which is in fifteen days. A perfectionist that she is, be it the sari, the accessories or the makeup, she wants to get it right. An ardent handloom lover, she wants her engagement sari to be an 21617_20130813111859446-1exclusive handloom piece that is stylish and classy. She also knows that only selective saree shops exhibit authentic handloom sarees and run in four corners of the city. With office on weekdays, she has too many things to look-over on weekends and has no time to dash into these shops to have her pick. That’s when ‘Online Shopping’ comes into picture. Key to convenience, online shopping has changed the face of shopping. From wide variety to choose from to comparing rates of similar products across retailers, everything is available at a click. With options to cash on delivery and return with no questions asked, customers have no calms about exploring online and having what they want with a click of a button. punjabi-indian-bride-churra-on-hands

Adept at using technology in her stride, Meera began looking up for South Indian silk saris online and bumped onto Shatika’s website. She was blown away with the variety in South Indian handloom saris, from Venkatgiri to Mangalgiri, from Gadwal to Dharmavaram, from out and out traditional to traditional sarees with a modern touch, she was spoilt for choice. While the weaver’s stories touched her heart, she was also convinced about the authenticity and genuinity of the weaves and this was reiterated to her through numerous positive testimonials of the existing customers. What put her at ease was the option of prompt delivery, the cash on payment option and the option of returning it in case she was not happy with what she saw. After much browsing, she picked a pretty Dharmavaram silk saree which got delivered to her in four days, neatly packed with pico and fall done! 11011674_723630047762408_2846853410773840725_o                                      With meat and potatoes taken care of, she had enough time to take care of other nitty gritties of the ceremony.

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