7 Wonder Destinations of India Famous for Handloom Sarees

by Shatika, July 2, 2015

India is world renowned for its craftsmanship and artistry since times immemorial. One of the products which display the mastery of Indian craftsmen is handloom sarees. While there are many destinations small and big around the country, there are some places which are famed for their special hand crafted varieties of sarees. At Shatika, we list out seven such famous destinations:

1.Banaras  : river-in-varanasi

The holy city of Banaras is not just renowned for religious reasons but is equally famous for its ancient weave. There is no woman in India who has not heard of Banarasi handloom silk sarees. Among the most desired sarees, it is perfect for wedding and other festive occasions featuring beautiful designs in zari and intricate embroidery. The use of pure silver and gold threads for weaving the patterns, the Banarasi weavers are known to keep abreast with the latest trends and are world famous for their fine craftsmanship.

2.Odisha :India-Orissa-Puri-Jaganath-Festival-people-culture-TI-stock

The ancient kingdom of Kalinga is the modern day Odisha. A rich traditional history, its present is as impregnated as its history. World famous for its handloom sarees, if you want the most exquisite Sambalpuri sarees for your wardrobe, then Odisha is the destination for you. These beautiful sarees are crafted in lightweight materials like cotton, silk or tussar.

3.Bihar :Radha-Krishna-Madhubani-painting-mens-wear-womens-wear-panache-bollywood-fashion-beauty-tips-fashion-trends-india-suits-sarees-lehengas-sherwanis-kurta-pyjamas-indo-western-jewelry-accessories-footwear

Bihar is the state which exhibits the handloom art in the form of Tussar silk sarees, which draw their design inspiration from the famous Madhubani style of paintings. These sarees come in a variety of fabric, including the likes of blended and woolen fabrics.

4.Gujarat :bandhani-silk-screened

Next among the top 10 destinations famous for handloom sarees in India is the state of Gujarat, which includes varieties such as Patola silk and bandhani handloom sarees. Patola sarees are handcrafted designer sarees which are the result of long and hard labor of the craftsman, while bandhani sarees are the example of the unique art of tie and dye.

 5.Andhra Pradesh :ap6_20110415

Andhra Pradesh is one of the most important states in the handloom industry. There are many big and small places in Andhra Pradesh that produce world-famous weaves. Be it Gadwal, Venkatgiri, Mangaliri, Pochampalli or Dharmavaram, they are all unique in their weave and are world renowned.

6.Madhya PradeshKoshak-Mahal1

The central state of Madhya Pradesh brings one of the most famous and stylish handloom sarees known by the name of Chanderi sarees. These sarees are more like a legacy of art and they are made of light woven fabric, either silk or cotton.

7.West Bengaltussar-silk-bankura-murshidabad

Next among the 10 Indian destinations famous for handloom sarees is West Bengal, which showcases the amazing variety, called the Baluchari saree. The saree is more like a story woven in its design, which earns it great fame on the global level. West Bengal is also the home of Kantha embroidered handloom sarees.

While we all appreciate the beautiful craft of handloom sarees, we may not be able to reach out to all the places where they get made. But not anymore; it is now easy to own such sarees as you can conveniently buy handloom sarees online from any corner of the world at www.shatika.co.in. A widespread variety and convenience to the core make ‘Shopping at Shatika’ experience truly incredible.

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