Gota Patti- One of Jaipur’s Dazzling Forms Of Art

by Shatika, June 20, 2015


‘Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul’. ~Alice Walker

The thought shared by Alice Walker will cross your mind when you look at the stunning Gotta Patti work on the ethnic wear of the Rajasthani womenfolk. Originating from Rajasthan, this spectacular embroidery involves a lot of technique. Gota Patti work is customarily done on dresses, dupattas, sarees, Ghagras and even turbans. Popular worldwide, people wear clothes adorned with this special embroidery on festivals or any kind of special occasion because of the gold and glittery look that it bestows.

On a Rajasthani traditional saree or lengha or even an odhni, the golden or silver work that you see on the fabric is what is Gota. In the olden days, while real gold and silver are used, it is not feasible now for obvious reasons and so polyester is used in place of the metals. The polyester is metalized and coated according to the design that has to be interlaced with the cloth. The shiny bands are then interwoven with the looms that are going to be sewn down to the material. Decorative patterns which appear to be like Zari are patched on the textile to give a complete impression.

After the Gota work is done, Patti is incorporated in the tapestry. Patti pertains to the leaf shapes that are generally used for the embroidery. The patterns used are inspired by things relating to nature like leaves, flowers, and animals. The borders of the attire are also embellished with the Gota work. Although it may seem that the intricate adornment would make the outfit very heavy to wear but actually it is quite light. Chiffon, georgette, and satin are the standard fabrics used for Gota Patti work which prevents the clothing from becoming burdensome to wear.


Shatika brings a whole new range of pure Bandhej sarees online with an ample of Gota patti work on them to accentuate the beauty of these traditional Rajasthani bandhani sarees.

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